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Syms Pantry Food Franchise – Syms Pantry Franchise Options

syms franchiseAs you know Syms Pantry offers fantastic bacon related food products. Our great tasting relish, jam and mayonnaise is excellent for commercial cooking or for people simply wanting to bacon up their products.  We are now looking to offer exciting food franchise opportunities across the UK. We offer the opportunity to have a regional business with the full support of the Syms Pantry brand.

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You can own one of the designated territories in which you can earn a number of different ways.

• Amazon & eBay
• Web Sales
• Event Sales
• Corporate Sales



You would receive a % of all Amazon sales for your region, no matter if you directed the customer Amazon or not. The advantage of this is it forms a repeat revenue stream for you, this works even when you are not.


We have our own eBay shop and all order made within your region you would receive a percent of sales ongoing. Like Amazon it works whilst you are not.

Website Sales

You would be earning of our own website which takes regular orders. All you need to do is direct new and existing customers to our website. Then all of their orders so long as you own the Franchise add towards your earnings.

Event Sales

At Syms Pantry we produce event packs in a range of sizes. We encourage our franchisees to attend events in their region to help promote the brand and to make high margin sales. You can order these event packs from us direct at Syms Pantry. We ship them to you and you can sell them at whatever price you want. You then keep all of the sales for yourself.

Corporate Sales

With our strong brand, we work nationally and locally with our franchisees to help secure product placement and purchasing into retail outlets. On this you are given first class assistance and you earn a share of the revenue share generated from within your area.  Our leadership team will help you to secure contracts which can add large sums of money to your business.



We can provide a wealth of online, graphics and materials as part of the Syms Pantry Brand. We can provide everything needed for you to get your business started and to reach customers close to you.


We can provide a range of print media, this is chiefly used at events or when looking to secure corporate sales.


With our unique web portal you get plenty of support, materials and information. Also, you have contact directly with our founder to help with anything more specific.

We also send out current changes to the brand, what is coming in the future and a host of information to ensure you have all the tools you need to grow your own business.

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